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KB now in Sugar Land!

Do you miss the vibrant streets of Lahore where the sizzling & spicy karahi takes center stage? The alluring fragrance of spices, the rich hues of colorful curries… a desi feast you simply can’t say no to! Renowned for their mouthwatering karahis & crisp BBQ, Karahi Boys have officially made it to Sugar Land in Houston, Texas. 

With a legacy deep-rooted in traditional Pakistani flavors, we’re excited to bring the finest desi cuisine to Sugar Land. So hop on this flavorful expedition and let your flavors be your guide to traditional halal Pakistani cuisine in Canada & US. 

MUST ORDER: Potohari chicken karahi

Prepare to be floored by a symphony of flavors as succulent pieces of chicken are marinated with the finest spices, then cooked to perfection. Known for its vibrant combination of flavors, it’s both aromatic and mildly spicy – ideal if you enjoy well-balanced heat in your dishes. Served with naan, mint chutney, and a simple salad (but you’re more than welcome to customize your dining experience to your preference!)

From karahis to gosht khor

While the Potohari chicken karahi is a must-try, the KB menu boasts a range of delicious options. We’ve got signature Karahis, fiery Tufani Shrimp, and of course…the meaty Gosht Khor Platter featuring juicy & succulent Seekh Kababs and tender Tikka Boti served with tangy tamarind chutney. To sum up, the Gosht Khor platter is not just a dish but a story of generations who have perfected the art of blending spices and grilling meats to create moments of shared joy around the dining table. 

Make sure you drop by!

If you love desi cuisine and are looking to revive your palate with authentic flavors, make sure you drop by Sugar Land in Houston, Texas! At KB food is much more than just food… It’s a celebration of the rich tapestry of desi tastes that have now found a home in this vibrant community. 

So come and connect with your culture, heritage, and memories. From the sizzling karahis that carry the soul of Pakistani comfort food to the fiery Tufani Shrimp, every dish on our menu is a tribute to the passion and expertise of our brilliant chefs. 

📍16535 Lexington Blvd Suite 100, Sugar Land, TX 77479

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