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Must-try speciality dishes at Karahi Boys

Nothing screams Pakistani cooking quite like the sizzle of a karahi in a traditional wok. We take immense pride in our karahis – be it chicken, lamb, or goat – and it shows in every bite. We use only the freshest ingredients and serve your food in the same karahi (or wok) that we cook it in, fresh and tasty, right at your table – the only real way to enjoy homemade karahi dishes. 

In this blog, we introduce you to some of our must-try specialty dishes that have earned us a loyal following. From the rich and hearty Beef Nihari to the spicy & succulent Behari Boti Karahi, we invite you to swing by and try some of our favorite dishes. 

1. Beef Nihari

Breakfast in Pakistan wouldn’t be complete without a steaming bowl of Beef Nihari. This slow-cooked stew is a weekend morning ritual for many Pakistanis. We prepare our Beef Nihari with utmost care. The tender pieces of beef are simmered in a blend of spices, creating a rich and delicious broth. Served with naan or paratha, it’s the perfect way to kickstart your day.

2. Khara Keema

Khara means whole and Keema means mince. If you’re a fan of minced meat dishes, our Khara Keema is a must-try. Ground beef cooked with a medley of spices, onions, and tomatoes. By definition, this recipe uses only whole and coarsely ground spices for seasoning. Best served with naan or roti. 

3. Chicken & Beef Kabab Karahi

Our Chicken and Beef Kabab Karahi is a treat for meat lovers. Juicy and succulent kebabs made from the finest cuts of chicken and beef are cooked in a luscious karahi gravy. It’s a perfect choice for those who crave both the smokiness of kababs and the rich flavors of karahi.

4. Behari Boti Karahi

Another Pakistani delicacy, Behari Boti Karahi  features marinated pieces of succulent beef, infused with the signature Behari spice blend and then cooked in a karahi. Rich in flavor, it is a great festive dish to enjoy at dinners with your family and guests. 

We take pride in preserving the authenticity and flavors of Pakistani cuisine. Our commitment to high-quality halal ingredients, traditional cooking methods, and a passion for sharing our culture through food sets us apart. Whether you’re a fan of spicy dishes or prefer milder flavors, our menu has something for everyone.

We look forward to welcoming you and sharing the vibrant flavors of Pakistan with you.

Come for the tasty specials, stay for the unforgettable dining experience!


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