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Kboys catering specials for your parties!

Not long ago was pumpkin spice season. ‘Twas soon followed by gingerbread season. 

Sweater weather makes us crave special holiday treats. After all, holidays mean great food and drinks!

Ham, roast turkey, oyster dressing, and pecan pie are Christmas staples. But Kboys offers something a bit more unique, and dare we say, much tastier… Bringing you catering services with authentic, halal Pakistani dishes for your guests this holiday season. 

Catering packages in Canada & USA

When it comes to hosting a memorable party, the right food can make all the difference in the world. 

Karahi Boys provides several catering options, especially feasible when you’re throwing a big party. Our packages are tailored to different food preferences and appetites. 

Most of our packages in Canada are meant for at least 40 people, and the cost depends on the menu items you pick.

This flexible approach lets you tailor your catering to fit what you like and how much you want your budget to be.

For the US, we’ve organized our menu into different groups (like BBQ, rice, curries, etc.), and you can select items from each group depending on your party size and budget. Here are the categories:

  1. Party trays (chicken & goat karahis, meat & veg curries)
  2. Fried & BBQ (seekh kabab, tikka boti, wings, fish, and more)
  3. Meetha (khoya kheer, gulab jamun, and gajar ka halwa)
  4. Biryani & Rice (chicken, goat, and veal biryani)

Halal BBQ fresh off the grill

At Karahi Boys, we serve fresh BBQ right off the grill. This includes (but is not limited to) Tikka Boti, Behari Boti, Paneer Tikka, Chapli Kabab, and more!

Tikka Boti features tender, marinated meat pieces packed with complex flavors. With a nice & smokey char and infused with aromatic spices. 

Not a fan? Maybe you’d prefer the more iconic Behari Boti, a mouthwatering specialty reminiscent of the vibrant streets of Lahore. Spicy & tender chunks of marinated meat, grilled to perfection. 

Or you can go down the vegetarian route with paneer tikka, a yummy alternative with ZERO compromise on taste. Rich, flavorful cubes of paneer (aka cottage cheese) coated in a spicy marinade and grilled on skewers. Just like meat, but better!

And finally – the juiciest, tastiest Chapli Kababs made from minced meat and Kboys special spice blend. The patties are pan-fried so you get a crispy skin with a soft, tender interior. A true Pakistani classic that everyone loves. 

From savory kababs to traditional karahis and irresistible BBQ, our catering specials offer a wide range of menu items. 

So, why wait? Place your catering order today and get your FEAST MODE ON! 


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